Hiring a Car Transport Company

In order to make an informed decision about which auto transport company to use, you will want to know what the total cost of transportation is going to be. There are places that can help you easily obtain competing bids from a number of vehicle transportation companies, by providing them with the exact same specifications. The transport companies will need to know the following things:

·       The origin and destination points of the vehicle;

·       The type of service (door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal);

·       The approximate departure date- The type of vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, etc.)-

Any special transport services required you can choose between transportation on a cargo truck or auto drive away, which means an individual car is driven by a professional driver to its destination. You need to decide whether wear and tear, as well as additional mileage, is a factor in moving your vehicle. If it is, you’re probably better off choosing a cargo carrier. Here are some important things to consider:


All professional vehicle transport companies must provide insurance against damage and theft for your vehicle. Request a copy of their insurance coverage in advance and be sure to find out if theirs is PRIMARY or SECONDARY to your own personal auto insurance, as well as if there is a deductible. GET IT ALL IN WRITING. Check with your own insurance company to find out if your vehicle is covered while in transit. Also be aware that auto insurance does not cover any personal articles left in the car, although a homeowner’s policy may cover them. Again, check with your own insurance company to ascertain exactly how you are covered.


ALWAYS get it in writing and NEVER rely on verbal promises. It is your responsibility to read the contract carefully and make sure it covers all of the bases. There are places that urge you to do that before signing, not after. A few items to look for:

·       Look for a clause that states that there is no guaranteed pickup or delivery date. What there should be is an estimated date for both, with at least a 3-day window for pick-up, depending on the time of year and locations involved.

·       Request a written clause that waives the cancellation fee if the vehicle is not picked up by the transport company within a certain number of days beyond the scheduled date. If you cancel for reasons relating to the company’s failure to perform, you should not be penalized.

If you are the one who cancels and your notification to the transport company falls within an pre-determined window, be prepared to pay a cancellation fee. This amount varies from company to company, so be sure you are familiar with the terms before agreeing to them.

If the transport company offers a guarantee the covers a rental car, should they fail to deliver within a reasonable amount of time, be sure that the maximum dollar amounts per day are specified in writing.

Always be sure that you trust the company 100%