The 5 Best Long-Distance Moving Companies for 2020

The 5 Best Long-Distance Moving Companies for 2020

Long-Distance Move is especially complex and responsible process, nevertheless you can make it go quickly and inexpensively and carefree. The main thing is to choose the right moving company. To help you with this task we’ve created a list of 5 best Long-Distance Moving Companies in USA for 2020!

  1. All in Moving Systems

Long Distance Move is a troublesome and complex process at first glance. But when contacting the All in Moving Systems Company, you will get the Long Distance Move without any hassle. Experienced movers will provide suitable packaging for your items, pack and sign them as required. We also provide the service of “rigid packaging” for antique fragile or oversized items.

Long Distance Move is easy for All in Moving Systems Company! Call it and have a nice move!

  1. All Bay Movers

Not all moving companies are equipped for long distance moves or interstate moving, but All Bay Movers Company does. You want a team that has the licensing, experience, and professionalism to pull off your long distance move. All Bay Movers is fully licensed and employs a team of highly trained, skilled moving professionals.

Their team will offer suggestions on packing your items, disassemble and reassemble furniture, and do everything they can to make sure your move is as efficient and painless as possible. That’s what separates All Bay Movers from other moving companies in the area.

  1. Local and Long Distance Moving Group

Beginning with first contact, specialists of Local and Long Distance Moving Group will guide you through each step of the process. This ensures that you are given everything you need to make a confident, informed decision and also provides the company with a wealth of information to get your long distance move rolling on time and on budget. And with Local and Long Distance Moving Group, it’s never been easier to request a free long distance moving quote! Just contact them on their website. They are a top rated cross country moving company in San Francisco,

Moreover, Long Distance Moving Group offers a variety of long distance moving company insurance options that guarantee your stuff is covered. Request a free long distance moving quote and one of our specialists will be happy to assist you.

  1. Aaron’s Moving Company

Aaron’s Moving began operations in 1995 as a family-run business, and has quickly earned the reputation of the most reliable and friendly moving service in the Bay Area. Its business philosophy is very simple: Aaron’s Moving approaches all customers with respect and provide quality service that answers each of our customers’ individual needs.

They deploy a diverse fleet of trucks, ideally suited to your specific needs. No driveway is too steep and no street is too narrow. Each truck is fully equipped with all the necessary tools of the trades: straps, blankets, and more. This moving company is able to make your Long Distance Move perfect!

  1. Amazing Movers

Amazing Movers Company understands that Long Distance Move is not an easy task. They have specific insurance policies and government regulations that are required for out of state movers. These regulations are put in place to protect you from incidents that may occur over the course of the move.

When you schedule a move with Amazing Movers, you will be assigned your own specialized moving consultant. They are trained to analyze your move and come up with a specific plan to best meet your needs.

they also handle business moves including: office moves, employee relocations and warehousing. Amazing Movers Company can provide you with full service or partial moving help!


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Hiring a Car Transport Company

In order to make an informed decision about which auto transport company to use, you will want to know what the total cost of transportation is going to be. There are places that can help you easily obtain competing bids from a number of vehicle transportation companies, by providing them with the exact same specifications. The transport companies will need to know the following things:

·       The origin and destination points of the vehicle;

·       The type of service (door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal);

·       The approximate departure date- The type of vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle, etc.)-

Any special transport services required you can choose between transportation on a cargo truck or auto drive away, which means an individual car is driven by a professional driver to its destination. You need to decide whether wear and tear, as well as additional mileage, is a factor in moving your vehicle. If it is, you’re probably better off choosing a cargo carrier. Here are some important things to consider:


All professional vehicle transport companies must provide insurance against damage and theft for your vehicle. Request a copy of their insurance coverage in advance and be sure to find out if theirs is PRIMARY or SECONDARY to your own personal auto insurance, as well as if there is a deductible. GET IT ALL IN WRITING. Check with your own insurance company to find out if your vehicle is covered while in transit. Also be aware that auto insurance does not cover any personal articles left in the car, although a homeowner’s policy may cover them. Again, check with your own insurance company to ascertain exactly how you are covered.


ALWAYS get it in writing and NEVER rely on verbal promises. It is your responsibility to read the contract carefully and make sure it covers all of the bases. There are places that urge you to do that before signing, not after. A few items to look for:

·       Look for a clause that states that there is no guaranteed pickup or delivery date. What there should be is an estimated date for both, with at least a 3-day window for pick-up, depending on the time of year and locations involved.

·       Request a written clause that waives the cancellation fee if the vehicle is not picked up by the transport company within a certain number of days beyond the scheduled date. If you cancel for reasons relating to the company’s failure to perform, you should not be penalized.

If you are the one who cancels and your notification to the transport company falls within an pre-determined window, be prepared to pay a cancellation fee. This amount varies from company to company, so be sure you are familiar with the terms before agreeing to them.

If the transport company offers a guarantee the covers a rental car, should they fail to deliver within a reasonable amount of time, be sure that the maximum dollar amounts per day are specified in writing.

Always be sure that you trust the company 100%

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Commercial and Office Relocation Services

Commercial moving Bay Area doesn’t have to be complicated. The professional movers at Abbey Moving Company will make your move a smooth experience. After the move, you will feel satisfied like the many hundreds of customers that have come before you. They are constantly leaving us 5 star reviews because they believe in our company and are happy with the services that we continually provide them.

We are the Bay Area’s best moving company that specializes in moving of offices and commercial space. We encourage you to take a serious look at our company. During your search of your best moving company we hope that you will choose a company that is fully licensed and insured like Abbey Moving Company.

We have the experience and the professional moving standards unlike any other office moving company. If you are in the midst of deciding to move your business, give Abbey Moving Company a call and see how we can help you. Our service experts are on standby waiting to help you now.

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How to plan an office move?

If you are looking for the detailed information of how to organize the best office move, this article is exactly what you need. As one of the most experienced moving companies, we know all particularities of any kind of move whether it is a residential or commercial. So if you are preparing for an office relocation you should know that it can severely disrupt your day-to-day business. And our main aim is to make your move go smoothly.

Start planning ahead of time so you have time to think through every aspect of the process. Early planning and organization are main keys to a successful relocation. So make a plan, don’t be lazy, and include all the tasks that needs to be completed (even the smallest ones). In addition, include the people and companies responsible for each task. Later on it will help you to save your time and calm nerves.

Know your relocation budget – it is important to know how much you have to spend! Your budget will depend on the size of your company, office, and the services you choose to hire (you can hire specialists to manage your move or organize it by yourself). Include moving insurance in your relocation budget in case anything is lost or damaged along the way. Get quotes from at least three professional moving companies. If your budget allows it, hire a full-service moving company. In this case, they will do all the packing for you, provide you with wrapping materials, give necessary instructions, organize the loading and unloading – and manage the relocation for you!

If you have decided to pack your stuff by yourself, don’t forget to order packing and wrapping materials like boxes, paper, bubble wrap, foam peanuts, sealing tape, and other items you may need. Label each box with a number, and keep a corresponding spreadsheet that lists each box number and the stuff that is inside of it. It will be very helpful for you not to look for some important items later on while unpacking them. Make an inventory of everything you want to take to your new office. Moving is a good opportunity to throw out, sell or donate things that are no longer needed. When signing a contract with a moving company be sure the inventory is added. Full inventory lists helps to prevent many unforeseen disputations from occurring when some damages or losses happen. If it appears so that your stuff is damaged while moving or is missing, make a note on the inventory list and contact your moving agent.

Moving is a big step not only for you, but for your employees too. So try to keep them well-informed. Notify all employees of the upcoming move, because a good office relocation announcement to employees minimizes the chances of confusion and misunderstanding. Use emails and meetings to discuss your future relocation, explain your motives, and make it clear to everybody what they have to do, if anything. Include in your announcement your new office address, phone numbers and moving dates. It will be the best way to announce this information to all interested parties, not just employees. Your business partners and clients as well as relevant authorities like suppliers, and the postal service should also receive this information.

Remember that your business still has to function during the moving process. That is why it is so important to have a reliable mover nearby. The main aim of our moving company is very simple and clear: move smoothly, quickly, and with your staff feeling confident and safe while moving with us. Office moving can be a real challenge and a great adventure at the same time! Ready for a new chapter of your office life? We are here to help you and to give you our full support!

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Things you must know when your items are lost or damaged during a move

 It is not surprising that things can be broken or lost during a move. Any move is a challenge. Some risks and accidents are inevitable. Even in spite of the fact that you may have chosen the best, most trustworthy, and reputable movers who would be ranked in the top tier list of moving companies, items may very well still incur damage or get lost. Be well prepared! Good preparation on your part can help you avoid many unpleasant moments, and turn your move into an enjoyable escapade.

      Start your preparation with the inventory list. You can prepare the inventory and write down the items into an inventory form, or take pictures of what you own and store them on file for reference. Taking photos of inventory is usually the best choice because in the event you need to make a claim, a photo can be a good proof of the condition of the item and a picture is hard to dispute. It is better to have a digital proof of the condition of your house before the delivery. Therefore, you should take pictures of everything inside the house: walls, windows, window frames, corners, ceiling, doors, everything. It is better to spend an hour or so of taking pictures or videos, versus regretting not having proof when some unexpected dents or dings surface themselves.

     Once all your stuff is examined and captured on photos and videos, the best moving company is chosen, and the contract is signed, go ahead with your relocation.

      The contract is one of the most important documents for your move. Review it to get key information on your protection coverage. This information will help you to regulate many controversial moments in case of some unexpected damages and losses while moving.

      If you have found any damage caused by the movers after the relocation, be ready to file a claim. Collect evidence of the damage so you can use it to support your claim. You should document the damage by taking pictures of the items that were broken.

      Contact your movers to inform them about the accident, describe everything in detail. Request appropriate paperwork to file a claim. Fill in the mover’s damage claim form either on paper or on their web site in the electronic version. By law, you must file it within nine months of the delivery date. Make an inventory list of your damaged items and indicate their monetary value. A local repair company is in charge of inspecting the damages. If it turns out your belongings were not damaged during or right after the move, your claim will be rejected. The moving company must pay or deny your claim within sixty (60) days of the completed claim submission. If you have any dispute with the movers, make sure to save copies of all the documents that prove and support the claim.

     Looking for a successful move? A stress-free moving experience is possible.  Protect yourself from irresponsible moving companies and disputable moments by being prepared for your move. You are more likely to get good results when you are armed with the facts.

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