How to plan an office move?

If you are looking for the detailed information of how to organize the best office move, this article is exactly what you need. As one of the most experienced moving companies, we know all particularities of any kind of move whether it is a residential or commercial. So if you are preparing for an office relocation you should know that it can severely disrupt your day-to-day business. And our main aim is to make your move go smoothly.

Start planning ahead of time so you have time to think through every aspect of the process. Early planning and organization are main keys to a successful relocation. So make a plan, don’t be lazy, and include all the tasks that needs to be completed (even the smallest ones). In addition, include the people and companies responsible for each task. Later on it will help you to save your time and calm nerves.

Know your relocation budget – it is important to know how much you have to spend! Your budget will depend on the size of your company, office, and the services you choose to hire (you can hire specialists to manage your move or organize it by yourself). Include moving insurance in your relocation budget in case anything is lost or damaged along the way. Get quotes from at least three professional moving companies. If your budget allows it, hire a full-service moving company. In this case, they will do all the packing for you, provide you with wrapping materials, give necessary instructions, organize the loading and unloading – and manage the relocation for you!

If you have decided to pack your stuff by yourself, don’t forget to order packing and wrapping materials like boxes, paper, bubble wrap, foam peanuts, sealing tape, and other items you may need. Label each box with a number, and keep a corresponding spreadsheet that lists each box number and the stuff that is inside of it. It will be very helpful for you not to look for some important items later on while unpacking them. Make an inventory of everything you want to take to your new office. Moving is a good opportunity to throw out, sell or donate things that are no longer needed. When signing a contract with a moving company be sure the inventory is added. Full inventory lists helps to prevent many unforeseen disputations from occurring when some damages or losses happen. If it appears so that your stuff is damaged while moving or is missing, make a note on the inventory list and contact your moving agent.

Moving is a big step not only for you, but for your employees too. So try to keep them well-informed. Notify all employees of the upcoming move, because a good office relocation announcement to employees minimizes the chances of confusion and misunderstanding. Use emails and meetings to discuss your future relocation, explain your motives, and make it clear to everybody what they have to do, if anything. Include in your announcement your new office address, phone numbers and moving dates. It will be the best way to announce this information to all interested parties, not just employees. Your business partners and clients as well as relevant authorities like suppliers, and the postal service should also receive this information.

Remember that your business still has to function during the moving process. That is why it is so important to have a reliable mover nearby. The main aim of our moving company is very simple and clear: move smoothly, quickly, and with your staff feeling confident and safe while moving with us. Office moving can be a real challenge and a great adventure at the same time! Ready for a new chapter of your office life? We are here to help you and to give you our full support!