Things you must know when your items are lost or damaged during a move

 It is not surprising that things can be broken or lost during a move. Any move is a challenge. Some risks and accidents are inevitable. Even in spite of the fact that you may have chosen the best, most trustworthy, and reputable movers who would be ranked in the top tier list of moving companies, items may very well still incur damage or get lost. Be well prepared! Good preparation on your part can help you avoid many unpleasant moments, and turn your move into an enjoyable escapade.

      Start your preparation with the inventory list. You can prepare the inventory and write down the items into an inventory form, or take pictures of what you own and store them on file for reference. Taking photos of inventory is usually the best choice because in the event you need to make a claim, a photo can be a good proof of the condition of the item and a picture is hard to dispute. It is better to have a digital proof of the condition of your house before the delivery. Therefore, you should take pictures of everything inside the house: walls, windows, window frames, corners, ceiling, doors, everything. It is better to spend an hour or so of taking pictures or videos, versus regretting not having proof when some unexpected dents or dings surface themselves.

     Once all your stuff is examined and captured on photos and videos, the best moving company is chosen, and the contract is signed, go ahead with your relocation.

      The contract is one of the most important documents for your move. Review it to get key information on your protection coverage. This information will help you to regulate many controversial moments in case of some unexpected damages and losses while moving.

      If you have found any damage caused by the movers after the relocation, be ready to file a claim. Collect evidence of the damage so you can use it to support your claim. You should document the damage by taking pictures of the items that were broken.

      Contact your movers to inform them about the accident, describe everything in detail. Request appropriate paperwork to file a claim. Fill in the mover’s damage claim form either on paper or on their web site in the electronic version. By law, you must file it within nine months of the delivery date. Make an inventory list of your damaged items and indicate their monetary value. A local repair company is in charge of inspecting the damages. If it turns out your belongings were not damaged during or right after the move, your claim will be rejected. The moving company must pay or deny your claim within sixty (60) days of the completed claim submission. If you have any dispute with the movers, make sure to save copies of all the documents that prove and support the claim.

     Looking for a successful move? A stress-free moving experience is possible.  Protect yourself from irresponsible moving companies and disputable moments by being prepared for your move. You are more likely to get good results when you are armed with the facts.